"Community first, advocacy second."


TINA is a support and action network of trans, intersex, nonbinary, and questioning (TINQ) individuals that is dedicated to supporting our needs, inclusion, and equitable access across Carnegie Mellon University.


TINA aims to increase acceptance in our campus environment, improve accountability processes, and provide support through validating our identities and experiences. Our work is intersectional and anti-racist, affirming that TINQ individuals come from a full range of identities and thus we must appreciate all factors that contribute to one’s privilege or marginalization.

Members can engage through regular meetings, a mailing list, and a Slack group. Our meetings are spaces that we hold to share, vent, validate, affirm, and support each others’ experiences as well as to facilitate growth, advocate systemic change, and engage each other in sustainable advocacy efforts. The group is open to current and past students, staff, faculty, and affiliated community members who identify as TINQ.



Through our advocacy work, we hold Carnegie Mellon University, our greater community, and ourselves to ethical standards and responsibilities in support of all TINQ individuals.


We prioritize the representation, visibility, and empowerment of our community over cis-/dyadic-normativity and comfort.


Our group is an intentional space for our members to express their identities and related aspects that they may not wish to disclose more publicly. The choice to disclose personal information and/or ‘come out’ must remain with that individual.


We affirm that everyone’s history and identity is unique to them, that this uniqueness is powerful, and that it merits celebration.


We actively acknowledge that TINQ individuals are affected by factors of race, gender, class, education, physical and mental ability, employment, immigration status, region of origin, and other aspects reflected in societal infrastructure.


We promote empowerment and agency for our community in recognition of the challenges we face on a daily basis.


Our group organizers are also members, and all members are welcome to contribute to organizing. Our organizers commit to prioritizing and maintaining transparency throughout their efforts, including accessibility to notes, conversations, and working documents.


The needs of our community members collectively and individually are our highest priority.