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  • We welcome questions that are respectful, well-intentioned, and that contribute to an ongoing commitment to all-gender equity at CMU and in the wider community. At the same time, please note that TINA does not represent the views and experiences of all TIN communities.

  • Please send questions and all outreach to our TINA email address,

  • We will not respond to:

      • Questions directed to an individual member of TINA. We are a collective group and no one member can represent the entirety of the TIN experience at CMU.

      • Anything containing derogatory language, hate speech, or requests to deviate from our mission and values.


  • We welcome offers to partner with groups who are interested in furthering all-gender equity at all intersections, including on the university, local, or national level. Please refer to the collaborative agreement template below to inform any outreach.

Collaborative Agreement.docx


  • As an organization, TINA does not perform educational programming. However, we are able to make referrals to recommended organizations and educators.

  • We are willing and able to provide feedback on documentation and design of programs and systems that impact TIN folkz, with appropriate compensation*.

*Note about Compensation

TINA and its members bring invaluable knowledge and experience of TIN issues to consultations. We strongly recommend that you or your group compensate TINA or TINA representatives for our expertise. As community organizers, we understand that this is not always feasible. Keep in mind that while monetary compensation is ideal, alternative forms of compensation and/or collaboration are acceptable when payment is not possible.