Supportive Actions

How do I support TINA?

Actions for Allies

  • Post the petition and the living document on social media.

  • Contact organizations you are already a part of and ask them to sign and share the petition.

  • Proactively self-educate and advocate — use your resources and hold your peers accountable. Stay tuned for our upcoming resources on this website.

Actions for CMU Allies

  • Join the LGBTQ+ Advocacy group that is run by the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion by emailing here. There is so much work left to do and your labor is needed!

Actions for TIN Folkz

  • If you are a TIN affiliate of CMU, send us an email to sign the demands document directly! Also, we would love to welcome you into our alliance! (see Join the Alliance)

  • If you are a TIN Pittsburgher, we would love to partner with your organizations! Our inbox welcomes you!!

Monetary Contributions to TINA?

If you are interested in helping to fund our work, please contact us directly to coordinate! In the future we will have a platform set up to receive funds automatically.